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Exploring Some of the Best Boating Destinations in Devon

Updated: May 21

As one of the most picturesque counties in the United Kingdom, Devon offers a plethora of breathtaking coastal spots and rivers that are ideal for boating activities. Whether you're a sea lover or a river enthusiast, Devon boasts numerous outstanding destinations perfect for exploring with your boat. In this article, we will highlight some of the top places to take your boat in Devon, emphasising the array of opportunities available for leisure and boating enthusiasts or those looking into boat sales in Devon.

Great places to take your boat in Devon

1. Exmouth:

Known for its stunning sandy beach and beautiful waterfront, Exmouth is an excellent location for boating adventures in Devon. Exmouth sits at the mouth of the Exe Estuary, which is home to some idyllic destinations, including Topsham and The River Exe Café. Whether you prefer fishing, water sports, or simply cruising along the estuary, Exmouth provides an ideal environment for boat owners.

2. Dartmouth:

Situated on the picturesque River Dart, Dartmouth is a charming town that offers a wealth of boating opportunities. Its natural harbour is renowned for hosting various regattas and sailing events throughout the year. With a vibrant maritime atmosphere, Dartmouth is an excellent choice for boat owners looking to enjoy the thrill of the water or explore the surrounding coastline dotted with hidden coves and picturesque villages.

3. Salcombe:

Nestled in the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Salcombe boasts breathtaking scenery and crystal-clear waters. Boat owners can discover secluded beaches, visit spectacular cliffs, and explore the untouched beauty of the Salcombe estuary, which flows into the English Channel. The town also offers excellent amenities and a vibrant harbour, making it a prominent boating hub for boat sales in Devon.

4. Torquay:

Located in the "English Riviera," Torquay offers a delightful blend of natural beauty, coastal charm, and boating experiences. The town's marina provides easy access to the stunning waters of Torbay and the English Channel. Torquay is a prime destination for boating, and leisure cruising. With its mild climate and numerous attractions, it entices boat enthusiasts from all over.

Boat sales in Devon

Devon's rich nautical heritage and stunning natural landscapes make it a highly desirable location for boat owners. From the picturesque coastline of Exmouth to the serene beauty of Salcombe and the vibrant atmosphere of Dartmouth and Torquay, Devon offers a diverse array of boat-friendly locations to explore. Boat sales in Devon continue to thrive due to the county's popularity as a boating destination, attracting both local enthusiasts and those from further afield. So, whether you're seeking adventure or simply looking to unwind and appreciate the coastal splendour, Devon has something to offer every boat owner.

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