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At The Wolf Rock Boat Company, we pride ourselves on being the family leisure boat specialists, with a wide range of boats to cater to everyone’s boating needs. We have been the sole importer of BRIG inflatable rib boats into the UK since 2011, but we believe boating is for everyone. We now have a range of boats from 2 metre Kolibri Inflatables, all the way to 10 metre BRIG inflatable Rib boats, with Smartwave, UMS, IRON and IDEA all in between, there is certainly something for everyone.

We have a wide stock of inflatable rib boats and engines ready to get you and your family on the water. Be sure to see our stock listings to see what’s available today!

Brig Boat


BRIG Boats Logo

At the BRIG shipyard, cutting-edge design, technology and precision engineering of military aeronautics are fused together with the very finest marine craftsmanship. Through this, BRIG ribs have created a new generation of affordable yet uncompromising RIBs that deliver the very highest levels of performance, safety and enjoyment.

Iron Boats Logo

With the unique fender profile and faceted surfaces, inspired by modern naval ships and aircrafts, IRON boats have their own character. Even when docked, IRON boats presence doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Idea Marine Logo

IDEA MARINE boats are built in a small boutique yard on the outskirts of Mesagne in the famous Puglia region of Southern Italy. The Carvignese family have 30 years of experience in the marine business and just 8 years ago Cosimo Carvignese expanded the business into manufacturing.  All the boats are handmade with an emphasis on quality, design and functionality

UMS Boats Logo

Founded in 2000, UMS boats have a reputation for quality craftmanship with the team having an in-depth knowledge of aluminium boat manufacturing and design. Their extensive range from small centre console boats up to the 865 Cabin boat all share the same attention to detail, have great seakeeping, functionality and are outstanding value in today’s market.

Smartwave Boats Logo

Uniquely designed by one of NZ’s best boat designers Scott Robinson, Smartwave Boats offer the best of both performance and comfort on the water. The stability is outstanding for a small craft, they are tough, lightweight, maintenance free, extremely safe, smooth riding and the 100% recyclable.

Kolibri Logo

Kolibri boats have a rich history of supplying boats to organisations from the Brunswick Group right through to the military, you’ll find the right boat for you here. Kolibri boats are well designed, well made, and well tested.

Suzuki Marine Logo

We are an Approved Suzuki Marine outboards agent, and have been awarded ‘Suzuki Marine Dealer of the Year’ in recognition of our level of service consistently meeting Suzuki’s exacting standards.

Boat being towed on an SBS Trailers
SBS Trailers Logo

The Wolf Rock Boat Company are agents for SBS Trailers. Based in Wolverhampton, SBS are one of the very best trailer companies in the country, specialising in a range of premium, great British boat trailers. We love the way are put together, the way they handle both on the road or on the slipway, and their ease of service.

All are fitted, as standard, with oversized sealed bearings for extended life and reduced maintenance.


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