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Why Suzuki Outboards?

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Here at The Wolf Rock, we believe in quality.

You may have heard us mention The Wolf Rock Way. This means ensuring we only use the best quality products both inside and outside boats, to make sure that they are rigged to the highest standard, giving you confidence when you’re on the water. At The Wolf Rock, we strongly believe in using products that we would choose to use ourselves as boaters, and that is why we only use Suzuki outboards to power our boats, and is part of the reason we have had a long term relationship working with Suzuki.

Being on the water with your family and friends should be a worry free experience, where the reliability of the components that make up your boat should never be of concern. From the smallest engine in the range, the 2.5HP, all the way through to the most powerful engine, the 350HP Duo-Prop, Suzuki outboards are dependable and always deliver confidence, truly making them ‘The Ultimate Outboard Motor’.

Suzuki outboards use lean burn technology, meaning that they are one of the most fuel-efficient outboard engines on the market, and the best choice if you're looking to power or repower your boat. Another reason that Suzuki is so great is their commitment to taking plastic out of the ocean. As part of their Clean Ocean Project, Suzuki aims to not only reduce plastic packaging, but also collect marine-micro plastic waste through using a Micro Plastics Filter device in their outboard engines. This truly innovative technology sets Suzuki aside from any other outboards in the market, and is yet another reason why Suzuki outboards are a superior choice.

If you’re looking to power or repower your boat, or have any queries regarding Suzuki outboards, contact The Wolf Rock Boat Company today on 01548 855751.


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