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Take a Look at our Best RIBs for sale in Salcombe this June

Updated: 6 days ago

As the premier boat dealership in Devon, The Wolf Rock Boat Company offers the best RIBs for sale in Salcombe, including top models like the 2018 BRIG Eagle 650, the 2020 BRIG Eagle 8, and the 2015 BRIG Falcon 500. With a focus on quality, performance, and customer satisfaction, our selection of RIBs caters to both recreational boaters and seasoned enthusiasts looking for a premium watercraft experience.

2018 BRIG Eagle 650 - RIBs for sale in Salcombe

The 2018 BRIG Eagle 650 is a standout model known for its sleek design and impressive handling. With a length of 6.5 meters, this RIB offers ample deck space for lounging and socialising, making it ideal for family outings or adventurous water sports. Equipped with a powerful outboard engine, the BRIG Eagle 650 delivers a thrilling ride on the open water, combining speed and stability for an exhilarating experience.

2020 BRIG Eagle 8 - RIBs for sale in Salcombe

In contrast, the 2020 BRIG Eagle 8 boasts a larger size and enhanced features, making it a top choice for boaters seeking luxury and comfort. With a length of 7.98 meters, this RIB offers generous seating options, premium upholstery, and advanced technology for a modern boating experience. The BRIG Eagle 8 is designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable ride, whether cruising along the coast or exploring secluded coves.

2015 BRIG Falcon 500 - RIBs for sale in Salcombe

For those interested in a more compact yet equally capable RIB for sale in Salcombe, the 2015 BRIG Falcon 500 is a reliable and versatile choice. With a length of 5 meters, this RIB is easy to manoeuvre and store, making it a practical option for navigating both inland waterways and coastal regions. The BRIG Falcon 500 offers a balance of performance and affordability, making it an attractive option for first-time RIB owners or those looking to upgrade to a newer model.

When looking for a RIB for sale in Salcombe, visit The Wolf Rock to explore our full range of BRIG RIBs and other premium watercraft options. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for boating, The Wolf Rock Boat Company is your trusted partner for all your boating needs.


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