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Places to Take Your Boat on the Jurassic Coast

Updated: Feb 14

Spanning 95 miles of breathtaking landscape, the Jurassic Coast offers boat owners a wealth of opportunities for exploration and adventure that are second to none. As an expert in boats for sale in Kingsbridge, The Wolf Rock Boat Company prides itself on being an industry leader in providing quality vessels that allow you to fully experience all that this World Heritage Site has to offer.

Dotted along the Jurassic Coast are many hidden gems that are more accessible by sea. Starting at the picturesque Exmouth, boat owners can venture further along the coastline to Lyme Bay, which is famous for its tranquil blue waters and rich marine life. Past the bustling port of Weymouth, further down the coast is the idyllic Studland Bay, an anchor-friendly area that is also a preferred spot for dolphin sightings.

For high-speed thrills, the open waters around Portland Bill, known for its strong tidal streams, offer thrilling encounters for experienced seafarers and a great place to see what a BRIG or Iron boat is capable of. Its towering lighthouse serves as a beacon for explorers as well as a reminder of the area's maritime legacy.

Not to be missed is the impressive Durdle Door, an iconic limestone arch that makes for a breathtaking sight from both land and water perspectives. It's a must-see for any boating enthusiast exploring the coast.

Visiting these unspoiled and captivating areas, you’ll understand why boats for sale in Kingsbridge are so highly sought after. The possibility to bask in the incredible views of the cliffs, explore secluded bays, or get up close and personal with local marine wildlife is an opportunity not to be missed.

We, at The Wolf Rock Boat Company, provide some of the finest boats for sale in Kingsbridge. With such vessels, the enthralling experiences of the Jurassic Coast are just a sail away. Be it the relaxing trips or exhilarating adventures you seek, the Jurassic Coast never disappoints. The only remaining question is: when will you take to the water to discover it?

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