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Limited Time Offer - £5,000 Worth of FREE Extras with IDEA Marine

If you're in the market for a new boat, you won't want to miss out on this amazing offer from The Wolf Rock Boat Company. For a limited time, we’re giving away £5,000 worth of free extras when you purchase one of our IDEA Marine boats. This incredible deal is available on three of our boats.

The IDEA Marine boats are known for their sleek design, superior performance, and exceptional quality. They are perfect for fishing, water sports, or just cruising around on a beautiful day. With this offer, you'll be able to enjoy even more features and accessories that will enhance your boating experience.

The free extras that come with your purchase include a Bimini Suntop, a Freshwater Shower, and a Garmin EchoMAP 65cv UHD Chartplotter. These extras are worth £5000, but you'll get them for free when you buy one of the qualifying boats during this limited-time offer. Take a look at them all below.

2023 IDEA 58 WA

Price: £53,035

The evolution of a successful boat: Idea 58 WA. Despite its small size, with a refined and balanced design, the boat offers comfort that exceeds expectations. The outdoor spaces are designed to accommodate all people and each of them will have the opportunity to enjoy the sea throughout the day and beyond.

The cabin consists of two large beds and allows each person on board to comfortably store their luggage and use the toilet compartment, where everyone can enjoy their privacy.

2023 IDEA 58 Open

Price: £39,095

Boating enthusiasts who set their sights on the Idea 58 are immediately drawn to its striking sundeck and robust design. This vessel's compact size belies the spaciousness and luxury that it offers, even rivaling larger boats. With the added advantage of accommodating lower motorization, the Idea 58 delivers exceptional comfort and convenience, making it a coveted choice for boaters seeking both style and function.

2023 IDEA 53 Open

Price: £33,615

The unsurpassed hull, enviable sundeck, and muscular design... are the first features appreciated by those who try this boat. Despite its small size and the possibility of having a low engine, the IDEA 53 offers the space and comfort of a larger boat.

Find your next boat with The Wolf Rock Boat Company

Don't miss your chance to take advantage of this incredible deal. Whether you're an experienced boater or just getting started, the IDEA Marine Boats are sure to exceed your expectations. Get in touch with The Wolf Rock Boat Company today to learn more about this amazing offer and to take a closer look at the boats that are included. With this offer, you'll be able to get more out of your boating experience and enjoy all that the water has to offer.

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